Activities in the Matra


Although it is difficult to get away from the many recreational opportunities offered by our hotel, it is still worth exploring some of the attractions in the area.

Whether it's summer or winter, the High-Tech Sports Base offers adventure lovers a wide range of unique experiences and a memorable way to discover the beauty of the Mátra. 

It's time to try out the off-road Segways on forest trails, or the electric quads and e-Rangers that are only available here in Europe. And don't miss their electric coasters, which can only be tested here in the world.

A few kilometres from Mátrafüred, Sástó is our highest natural lake. The 15 stations of the Frog Trail, which winds through this idyllic family hiking spot, entice you to take a long walk, and the 53-metre-high observation tower offers a magnificent panorama.

More than 30 adventures await active recreation lovers in the 16-hectare Oxygen Adrenalin Park. Walk over the almost 200-metre-long suspension bridge, get out of the forest maze or race on the bobsleigh track! After conquering the obstacles of the forest adventure park, you can enjoy a leisurely ride on the cable car. 

No one should return home without climbing the Kékestető, 5 kilometres from the hotel, and taking a selfie with the summit rock! The highest point in the country can be reached by following the Blue Mountain Trail signs from Mátrahaza, and after a hike you can enjoy the panoramic view from the TV tower lookout as a reward. You will also have an unforgettable experience if you start from the summit and take longer or shorter hikes along the National Blue Tour route towards Sirok, conquering more and more mountain peaks. 

The yellow-marked hiking trail connecting Gyöngyös to Parádfürdő crosses the hotel park and is considered one of the most beautiful trails in the Mátra. 

Date Event name Location Details
Did you get engaged? The date of the Big Day has been set, but are you full of questions? What color will be trendy in 2024 or 2025? What dishes should be served to the wedding party and how tasty will the table setting be? What is the master of ceremonies good for? Who should provide the music for the party? You can get answers to these and similar questions if you come to the Wedding presentation at the Mátra Cultural Center on February 10.
Gyöngyös, Mátra Cultural Center Details
PARÁDSASVÁR ASSONYFARSANG 10:00 Guest reception, meeting in the courtyard of the Parádsasvár Cultural Center - Masquerade - Fun Shaving - Fun, where the Hungarica Old Music Ensemble of Hollóének will perform. – During the parade, you can get an authentic glimpse of the male chase! (we have renewed the ice cream, but this should be a surprise)
Parádsasvár, II. Ferenc Rákóczi út 52, 3242 Details
Venue: Öntöde Event Venue, Gyöngyös, Vasöntő út 2/2 Welcome to the special evening of the Valentine's Day Dinner at the Öntöde Event Venue! Join us for this special evening, where Alex Mága's stunning live piano performance will accompany the romantic evening. Treat yourself to joyful moments of music and love while we celebrate the one true love with special cocktails, champagne and selected wines. Choice of dishes: – Toasted goat cheese salad with honey Dijon dressing and dried fruits HUF 2,390 – Broth with pancake batter HUF 1,790 – Salmon with champagne sauce, crispy homemade potato chips, steamed broccoli HUF 4,490 – Duck leg roasted in red wine with pumpkin couscous HUF 4,490 – Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry pith HUF 1,490 – Somlói dumpling 1,390 HUF Full menu price: 15,540 HUF But you can choose from the dishes as you like!
Gyöngyös, Öntöde event venue Details
2024. 02. 14. Conflict situations with humor in the world of work with the participation of Anita Ábel, Éva Botos and Csaba Debreczeny! February. Wednesday 14th 19.00 Venue: GYONGYÖK Mátra Community Center Ticket price: HUF 6,990, HUF 7,990 Buy tickets Anita Ábel, Éva Botos and Csaba Debreczeny are playing each other in front of the audience at Gyöngyös! Don't be left behind! Gyöngyös, Mátra Cultural Center Details
2024.02.17. KISS PÉTER MEMORIAL TOUR IN MÁTRA Dear hikers, hikers, commemorators! Together with the family of Péter Kiss, György Szőke (Kékes TE), Koppany Keresztesi, György Medveczky, Zsolt Prétor (Mátra 115) and Máté Tarnai (MVTE), we organize the Péter Kiss Memorial Tour in Mátra at distances of 57, 37 and 20 km. Of course, many other co-directors related to Peti also indicated their help, for which we thank you in advance. Our goal is to create a worthy memory of our friend Péter Kiss, a performance hiker, caver, cross-country runner and climber. Sástó, Oxygen Adrenalin Park DETAILS
2024.02.17 CHARITY SPORTS BALL IN GYONGYÖS 17 February 2024 (Saturday) 19.00 Dr. András Fejes Sports and Events Hall The proceeds of the ball will be used to operate the sports history exhibition in Gyöngyös. The awards for the athletes of the year will be presented at the event. The evening's program is completed by the light jugglers of Lux Mithras and the ABBA show by the Divas. EnterTrain Party Band provides the music. The main patron of the ball is Mayor György Hiesz. Gyöngyös, Áron Gábor u. Dr. András Fejes Sports and Events Hall DETAILS
2024.02.18 ILONA-VÖLGYI TOUR Get to know new places and new people while hiking in Mátra! Parade bath, car park in front of the Car Museum DETAILS
2024.02.24 KISVAKOND THE TOURIST Little Mole the Tourist - Our favorite hero is bored. Climate change is needed. He is bored with spring and summer in Prague, his friends do not encourage him until a decision is made. Towards the globe. That is, the landscapes of the earth with different climates. He doesn't mind traveling either, he wanders around until he finds himself in countless new locations. On the Australian continent, he gets to know the spiny mouse, in America, Asia, but even in Greenland, he meets weirder and weirder creatures, before he realizes that his domestic friends are the real ones and, in fact, there is no problem with the colorful Czech pastures, the bohemian spring breeze, so he stays European mole. A live-action puppet show with narration and lots of music by Francesco Zappa. Mátra Cultural Center DETAILS
2024.02.24 CARNIVAL WALL AT THE TAVIRÓZSA RESTAURANT We are waiting for you with a buffet dinner followed by musical entertainment! DJ thinks about the atmosphere! Tavirózsa Restaurant, Sástó DETAILS
2024.02.24 I. START CARNEVAL The first Start Carneval promises a fantastic evening! 4 in 1: If you stay with us, from 7 in the evening until 4 in the morning, you have nothing to do but have fun! * Three-course musical dinner (Welcome drink) * NemerEszti Acoustic * Groovehouse Concert * Party by Endy 4 in 1 tickets are limited in the Dakine Sportbolt. (Gyöngyház Plaza, ground floor) Price: HUF 11,500 On February 24, you can also buy a Classic ticket. – The ticket includes the admission price of the GROOVEHOUSE concert and Start. – After our star performer, party with Endy until dawn! Classic ticket: HUF 3,000 (Until midnight). HUF 3500 after midnight. CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED ON SITE!! Start Workshop, Gyöngyös, Fő tér 9. DETAILS
2024.02.28 OPENING THE DOOR - FRUZSINA ÁCS AND BALÁZS MÁTÉ SZABÓ Why don't they teach us at school how to wash the baking tray, which is bigger than the sink? What should we do if we see on Instagram that our former classmates are more successful than us? In addition to the rising sublet prices, how do we finance our consumption of avocados? How do we find the restaurant with the cheapest delivery? Why should I wash the colored separately from the white, if the climate disaster is coming soon anyway? How should I know the answers to these questions? Who prepared us for these? Will there be a declarative sentence in this description? Questions that young people have to face on a daily basis. Fruzsina Ács and Balázs Máté Szabó are now looking for answers to these questions in their joint evening. Meanwhile, they introduce us to the everyday life of millennials, the difficulties of finding a way, and the anxiety and panic associated with independence. Mátra Cultural Center, Gyöngyös, Barátok tere 3. DETAILS
2024.03.02 ON THE WAY OF OMEGA STARS 60 years of hits, 45 artists, 5 soloists, 1 evening. Performers: Ferenc Debreczeni "Ciki" Bolyki Soul & Gospel Choir Omega Chamber Orchestra Balázs Bolyki Feke Pál Rost Andrea Szabó Győző Szinetár Dóra Tickets are available at the Tourinform office, the ticket office of the Mátra Cultural Center and at Gyöngyös, Dr. András Fejes Sports Hall DETAILS
2024.03.08 WOMEN'S DAY GALA SHOW The Orfeum Vándorszínpad WOMEN'S DAY GALA SHOW in 2 acts Operetta-musical-retro hits Performers: Marika Oszvald - Zsuzsa Kalocsai - Enikő Détár - Mónika Birinyi - Csaba Bálint - Attila Bodrogi Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the Mátra Cultural Center and at TIXA.HU. GYÖNYÖK Mátra Cultural Center DETAILS
2024.03.09 MÁTRAHEGY PERFORMANCE TOUR XIX. Mátrahegy Performance Tour Gyöngyössolymos, Géza Gárdonyi Cultural House DETAILS

2024. 04. 13.

Hanák Kolos Performance Tour


Hanák Kolos TE Molnár Tamás

2024. 04. 20.

Mátrabérc Trail running race


Terepfutó Műhely Egyesület

2024. 05. 11.

Mátra tourism day


MJTE Kápolnai Nagy Ágnes 703883752

2024. 05. 12.

XIX century market and 690. City Day


Gyöngyös Város Baráti Kör Bekecs Andi

2024. 05. 18.



Szurdokpüspöki Község Önkormányzat

2024. 05. 18.

Nettle festival


Markaz Községi önkormányzat

2024. 05. 19.

Siroki Castle Day


Sirok Községi Önkormányzat

2024. 05. 25.

Kékfrankos festival, wine tasting on Pincesoor


Lados Dóra 30650-8917

Május 31.-június 1.

Wine days


Torurinform  37/311155

2024. 06. 15.

Open cellars day


Gyöngyöstarján Községi Önkormányzat

2024. 06. 22.

Italian day

Pásztó Varázsvölgy

Varázsvölgy Pásztó

2024. 06. 29.

Drive-in cinema and gastronomy day


MJTE Kápolnai Nagy Ágnes 703883752

2024. 06. 30.

Farewell to Our Lady of Sickle


Mátraszentimre egyházközség

2024. 07. 06.

Retro festival - light music, cultural program


2024. 08. 09.

Opera singer György Radnai memorial concert


Szurdokpüspöki Község Önkormányzat + MJTE

2024. 08. 10.

Goose festival

gastro, goose beauty contest


Szurdokpüspöki Község Önkormányzat

Augusztus 29-30

Festival of volcanic wines


Lados Dóra 30650-8917


Harvest days


Gyöngyös Város

2024. 09. 28.

Harvest parade


Szurdokpüspöki Község Önkormányzat

2024. 09. 28.

Harvest parade


Lados Dóra 30650-8917

2024. 12. 14.

Everyone's Christmas, Lucanapi fair, dance hall


Lados Dóra 30650-8917

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